Precision Perfection Performance

Treasure Coast Propeller is a VEEM factory authorized sales and repair facility. We are required by VEEM to purchase their VEEM Scan software and calibration artifact to insure that our repairs are accurate and consistent with the original VEEM designs.

VEEM propellers are very complex as they have variable camber and pitch distribution and would be difficult if not impossible to repair without this equipment and information. The VEEM warranty clearly states that if an unauthorized facility repairs or modifies their props the warranty is void.

Veem Engineering is located in Australia has been a leader in the development of custom propellers and has a significant market share of the U.S. market.

INTERCEPTOR prop design allows the adjustment of pitch and engine rpm by simply changing a special wedge-shaped plastic strip that locks into a machined groove in the trailing edge of the prop. Interceptor props are fully NC machined and extremely accurate propellers. This innovation allows us to adjust the pitch without modifying the original design of the propeller, thus eliminating metal fatigue which shortens the life of the propeller.

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