Computer Based Propeller System

At Treasure Coast Propellers, Inc., we use Prop Scan, the latest computer-based propeller measuring system to performance tune and repair your propeller. Your propeller will be measured using the international standard organization’s (I.S.O. 484/2) standard and an accurate profile or blueprint will be stored in our computer for future repairs and tuning. Prop Scan measures propeller pitch to 1/1000th of an inch. With Prop Scan, we calculate pitch for every degree of rotation over a minimum of four radii on each blade. This allows us to accurately profile and create a computer image of the surface of the propeller blade.

By profiling the surface of the blade we are able to identify those areas that are out of tolerance and correct them. Using the Prop Scan model, these modifications can be made accurately and efficiently with less metal fatigue than with conventional methods. A history of your propeller is saved in our computer so given accurate performance data we can make further performance improvements on future tunings. We can also replace a lost or seriously damaged propeller with an exact duplicate. With each propeller we tune you will receive an ISO class report documenting the pitch and class of the propeller. This report is recognized throughout the world as proof of the accuracy of the propeller.

We computer balance all propellers using A Dynamics Research Corporations model 602 high speed balancer.

What Are The Advantages?

What are the advantages of custom propellers?

• Reduction in noise / vibration
• Improved fuel economy
• Increase speed

How are they manufactured?

The design blade geometry surfaces are reproduced accurately by NC machining, dynamically balanced and then scanned to certify Class S tolerances.

How are they designed?

The specifications for the boat are entered into several proven hydrodynamic analysis programs for high performance low cavitation propellers and the results analyzed by experienced propeller experts.

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