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The trend in sport fishing boats has been toward lighter, faster and larger vessels. Each year the engines manufacturers offer higher horse power packages and new stronger, lighter weight materials come into the market which allow yacht builders to produce faster vessels. This trend has created an enormous demand for high tech. efficient propellers.

We design custom propellers for an individual boat based upon the horse power, gear reduction, hull configuration and weight. Rarely are two boats exactly the same because equipment options and their placement within the vessel
may differ.

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  • 11 Oct


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    Owner of “Bella Donna” down in the Florida Keys sent us a nice email this morning. After a pitch adjustment of his propellers, this is his response…”WHAT A GREAT...

  • 20 May

    5 Myths of Propeller Performance

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    The vast majority of propeller manufacturers in the leisure and work boat industry have not been completely forthcoming with their customers. Propeller performance and efficiency is surrounded by myth...

Happy Client

  • Great ,professional people, My five blade VEEM props are smooth and 10% more fuel efficient than any props I have ever owned. Greta Job.


    Klickman - Owner